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African Bangles, Bracelets and Cuff

  • 2 " Wood Bangle BA 5605A

    SKU: BA 5605A
    2 " Wood Bangle BA 5605A

    2" Wood Bangle BA 5605A

  • 2" Resin Bangle

    SKU: BA6319
    2" Resin Bangle

    2" Resin Bangle.........

  • 3 inch Elephant cuff-CF991t

    SKU: CF991t
    3 inch Elephant cuff-CF991t

    3 Inch cuff with embossed elephant-CF991.

    Intricately designed to steal hearts..

  • 3 Tone Brass Cuff-CF 901T

    SKU: CF-901T
    3 Tone  Brass Cuff-CF 901T


    3 Tone cuff / bracelet with fish scale like design in the center and braided edges

  • 3" cuff-CF1168

    SKU: CF1168
    3" cuff-CF1168

    3" Elephant printed brass cuff..

  • 3pc set Chips Bangles BA11192

    SKU: BA11192set
    3pc set Chips Bangles BA11192

    3pc Set Metal bangle with Bone chips.One order will have 3 bangles in 3 different color Combination.Price for full set is $12.00 so effectively 1 bangle will be for only $4.00..A true bargain..
  • 5 inch Cuff-CF1092

    SKU: CF1092
    5 inch Cuff-CF1092

    5 inch Cuff-CF1092

  • 5inch long cuff-CF975

    SKU: CF975t
    5inch long cuff-CF975

    5 inch long cuff....

  • 6 pc Bangle Set-BA9732

    SKU: BA9732
    6 pc Bangle Set-BA9732


    Bangle Stack Set with a Combination of Gold Tone, Blue and Black Bangles - BA 9732

  • 6pc Resin Bangle Bracelet Set

    SKU: BA1968asst
    6pc Resin Bangle Bracelet Set

    Resin Bangle set comes in 6 unique designs and are each 2" long.

    Add variety to your accessories with these stylish two tone bangles.

    Their earthy tone means that they will go well with your whites or blacks and they will look great with a pair of jeans for a casual look or can be worn to work or even on an evening out.

    The 6 different designs will allow you to have a different look everyday.

  • Animal Print Bangle Set-BA-10749

    SKU: BA-10749
    Animal Print Bangle Set-BA-10749


    3 pc Animal Print Bangle Set 

  • Bangle Set -BA5973

    SKU: BA5973-Blk/Wht
    Bangle Set -BA5973


    Set of 3 Bone Bangles in Gold Tone - BA 5973

    Colors Available:

    • Black / White
    • Multi
  • Bangle Set-BA 10154-Blue/Grn

    SKU: BA-10154-Blu/Grn
    Bangle Set-BA 10154-Blue/Grn


    5 Bangle Stack Set with a Combination of Gold Tone - Beaded, Bone, and Resin Bangles in Blue and Green Color

  • Bangle Set-BA 10674

    SKU: BA10674
    Bangle Set-BA 10674


    5 Gold Tone and Black Bangle Set with a Combination of Metal,Resin and Fabric Wrapped Bangles - BA 10674

  • Bangle Set-BA-111203

    SKU: BA11203
    Bangle Set-BA-111203


    6 Gold Tone Metal Bangle Set with Animal Print Design 

  • Bangle Set-BA-11162

    SKU: BA-11162
    Bangle Set-BA-11162


    7 Bangle Set with Combination of Gold Tone Metal and Resin Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA-11163

    SKU: BA11163
    Bangle Set-BA-11163


    Set of 6 Resin and Gold Tone Metal Bangles 

  • Bangle Set-BA-11166

    SKU: BA-11166
    Bangle Set-BA-11166


    Set of 7 Gold Tone Metal and Resin Bangles 

  • Bangle Set-BA10748

    SKU: BA10748-Brn
    Bangle Set-BA10748

    Set of 5 bone and gold tone bangle set 

    Colors available:

    • Brown
    • Antique
    • White
  • Beaded Bracelet-BA-1084

    SKU: BA-1084Blu
    Beaded Bracelet-BA-1084


    Beaded Flexible Bracelet - BR 1084

    Color Available:

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Brown