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Bangle Sets

Bangle Sets

Bangle Sets - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many bangles are there in a single set?
A1.The number of bangles in a set varies with the type of set you choose. You can choose from the following set of bangles:
* 4 piece set
* 5 piece set
* 6 piece set
* 7 piece set
* 8 piece set
* 14 piece set
* 16 piece set
* 34 piece set

Q2. What are the type of Bangles available in a set?
A2. There is a wide variety of bangle sets to choose from. You can check out the assorted metal bangle sets with glitter accents in Gold, Hematite, and Silver tones. There are other options available like beaded or multi-beaded sets, bone and metal wood sets, mixed sets with a combination of silver, metal wood, and beads.

Q3. Can I create my own Set of Bangles?
A3. We may be able to help! please call us at 212-736-9450 or email us at your specific requirement and we will try our best to accommodate it.

  • 2" Wood Stud Bangle

    SKU: BA8562
    2" Wood Stud Bangle

    2" Wood Stud bangle.. Wholesale price for 12 or more is $5.00.
  • 4pc set stud bangles

    SKU: BA8610
    4pc set stud bangles

    4 pc set stud bangles
  • 5pc set bangle-BA8646

    SKU: BA8646
    5pc set bangle-BA8646

    5pc set bangle in brass and wood..

  • 5pc set bangles

    SKU: BA8567
    5pc set bangles

    Unique combination of 5pc of metal,bone and Resin bangles...
  • 5pc set bangles

    SKU: BA8611
    5pc set bangles

    5pc set bangles
  • 5pc set stud bangles

    SKU: BA8609
    5pc set stud bangles

    5pc set stud bangles
  • 6 pc Bangle Set- BA-9315

    SKU: BA-9315
    6 pc Bangle Set- BA-9315


    Bangle Set with a Combination of Multi Color Bone and Gold Antique Finish - BA 9315

    1.5 inch Width when Stacked

  • 6pc set bangles

    SKU: BA8271
    6pc set bangles

    You will not believe your eyes when you wear this ultimate fashion statement. This set will give your outfit an attitude and add glamour to your day…This 6pc set bangle is ultimate in fashion with its latest studded designs in combination made with wood metal and resin..
  • 6pc set bangles-BA9996wt

    SKU: BA9996wt
    6pc set bangles-BA9996wt

    6pc set bangles in metal and shell..
  • 8pc set bangles

    SKU: BA6810Gd
    8pc set bangles

    8pc set bangles in gold with combination of metal and wood...
  • Aluminum-Bangles-Bracelet-Set-BA8164

    SKU: BA 8164


    26 pc Chunky Aluminum Bangle Set - Comes in 6 Color per Box

  • Bangle Set - BA 10656-Gold

    SKU: BA-10656-Gld/Gld
    Bangle Set - BA 10656-Gold


    12 Silver Tone, Threaded and Beaded Bangle Stack Set - BA 10656 Gold

    Colors Available:

    • Gold / Gold
    • Gold / Black
  • Bangle Set - BA 10675 Silver

    SKU: BA-10675-Slv
    Bangle Set - BA 10675 Silver


    11 Textured Bangles Stack Set with Beaded Bangles - BA 10675 Silver

  • Bangle Set - BA 8851 Silver

    SKU: BA-8851Slv/Blk
    Bangle Set - BA 8851 Silver


    6 pc Bangle Set  with a Combination of Studded,Resin and Wood Bangles - BA 8851 Silver

    Colors Available:

    • Silver / Black
    • Silver / White
  • Bangle Set-11155

    SKU: BA-11155
    Bangle Set-11155


    Set of 5 Bangles with a Combination of Textured Gold Tone and Resin Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA 10416

    SKU: BA10416
    Bangle Set-BA 10416


    12 Enameled Painted Metal Bangle Stack Set in Purple, Green and White  - BA10416

  • Bangle Set-BA 10418 Gold

    SKU: BA10418
    Bangle Set-BA 10418 Gold


    12 Enameled Painted Metal Bangle Stack Set in Red and Green - BA 10418 Gold

  • Bangle Set-BA 10656-Silver

    SKU: BA-10656-Slv/Blu
    Bangle Set-BA 10656-Silver



    12 Silver Tone, Threaded and Beaded Bangle Stack Set - BA 10656 Silver

    Colors Available:

    • Silver / Blue
    • Silver / Black
  • Bangle Set-BA 10668

    SKU: BA106681
    Bangle Set-BA 10668


    Set of 9 Metal Bangle with Beads and Faux Stones - BA 10668

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Gold Tone
  • Bangle Set-BA 10758

    SKU: BA10758-Blk/Blu
    Bangle Set-BA 10758


    Set of 5 Gold Tone Bangles with a Combination of Metal and Straw Glass Bead Bangles - BA 10758

    Colors Available:

    • Black / Blue
    • Green / Red