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Bone Belts

Bone Belts

Bone Belts - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are bone belts made from animal bones?
A1. Yes, bone belts are made from the bones of dead animals. We use those bones which have been discarded by the International food industry and bones of dead animals. Bones used for our bone belts come from animals like cow, bull, sheep, and other commonly found or domesticated animals.
Note: We don't promote animal cruelty and don't kill animals for their bones.

Q2. Are these belts made entirely from bones?
A2. Most of our bone belts are available with a combination of different color beads to make them look attractive.

  • Animal print bone belt-bl230

    SKU: BL230
    Animal print bone belt-bl230

    Animal print bone beaded designer belt..

  • Bone Belt

    SKU: BTBNbrd
    Bone Belt

    Bone beaded belt with combination of brown and orange beads in

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