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Bone Body Jewelry

Bone Body Jewelry

Bone Body Jewelry is made from animal bones. It is polished and processed in different shapes and sizes that look amazing. These are made into globule of different sizes. Such jewelries are crafted using animal bones such as cows and buffalos. This is simple light weight jewelry and can be carved in different shades. Bone body jewelries are fragile. You are required to take utmost care to avoid extreme pressure. It has other benefits, you can wash it with mild antibacterial soap and small amount of water.

A bone pendant comes in variety of jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings. You can also get general bone items e.g. hooks, buttons, brooch etc. There is a long list of bone objects available in market these days but bone body jewelry is in high demand. You can gift it to your favorite one or adapt as an alternate fashion style. Bone jewelry is not expensive and looks attractive. You can buy it for any occasion.

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