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Bone & Resin Bangles

Bone & Resin Bangles

Bone & Resin Bangles - FAQs

Q1. Are the bone bangles made from animal bones?
A1.Yes! These bangles have been made from animal bones but no animal was killed specially for making the bangles. The bones used are the ones discarded by the Food Industry and the animals bones used are that of Sheep, cow or camel.

Q2. Will I have a skin allergy or reaction?
A2. If you are allergic to certain chemical compounds like bleach or to artificial colors then you can choose from the long list of metal jewelry.

Q3. Will the Bangles fit my wrist?
A3. We offer bangles of different sizes to fit different hands. The sizes on offer include:
1 1/2"

If there is a specific size you require apart from the ones available at then please call us at 212-736-9450 or email us at

  • 12pc of Assorted Design Bone Stretch Bracelet

    SKU: BNSTAsst
    12pc of Assorted Design Bone Stretch Bracelet

    These black and white bone stretch bracelets are a must have for your casual wardrobe. The 12 different designs allow you to mix and match and have a different accessory everyday.

    They would look trendy with a cool pair of jeans and a t-shirt and they will go great with vibrant colors.

    They are a must have accessory for the trendy busy woman who still wants to look fashionable. They are a great addition to your fashion jewelry.
  • 2 inch laminated bangle-BA1003

    SKU: BA1003
    2 inch laminated bangle-BA1003

    2 inch laminated bangle-BA1003
  • 2 inch laminated bangle-BA98671

    SKU: BGL98671
    2 inch laminated bangle-BA98671

    2 inch laminated bangle-BA98671
  • 2" Resin Bangle

    SKU: BA6319
    2" Resin Bangle

    2" Resin Bangle.........

  • 3pc set bangle-BA10007

    SKU: BA10007
    3pc set bangle-BA10007

    3pc set bangle-BA10007
  • 4pc set bangles-BA7298

    SKU: BA7298
    4pc set bangles-BA7298

    4pc set bone bangles in combination of 4 colors...
  • 4pc set bangles-BA7571bk

    SKU: BA7571bk
    4pc set bangles-BA7571bk

    4pc set combination of metal and bone bangles..
  • 6pc Resin Bangle Bracelet Set

    SKU: BA1968asst
    6pc Resin Bangle Bracelet Set

    Resin Bangle set comes in 6 unique designs and are each 2 inch  long.

    Add variety to your accessories with these stylish two tone bangles.

    Their earthy tone means that they will go well with your whites or blacks and they will look great with a pair of jeans for a casual look or can be worn to work or even on an evening out.

    The 6 different designs will allow you to have a different look everyday.

  • 7pc set bangle-BA9314

    SKU: BA9314
    7pc set bangle-BA9314

    7pc set bangle in combination of wood,brass and resin..
  • Bangle Set - BA 7474 Silver

    SKU: BA-7474-Slv
    Bangle Set - BA 7474 Silver


    5 Bangle Stack Set - with Silver Tone and Black Bone Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA 10757 Gold

    SKU: BA10757-Gld/Crl
    Bangle Set-BA 10757 Gold


    Set of 5 Gold Tone Metal Bangle Set - BA 10757 Gold

    Colors Available:

    • Coral
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • Bangle Set-BA 7474-Gold

    SKU: BA-7474-Gld/Pnk
    Bangle Set-BA 7474-Gold


    5 Bangle Stack Set - BA 7474 Gold

    Colors Available:

    • Pink
    • White
  • Bangle Set-BA-10001A

    SKU: BA 10001A/Blk
    Bangle Set-BA-10001A


    5 pc metal bangle set with a combination of bone and a gold tone hammered bangles

    Colors available:

    • Pink
    • Black
  • Bangle Set-BA-10558

    SKU: BA-11158
    Bangle Set-BA-10558


    Set of 7 Gold Tone Metal, Resin and Wood Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA-10750

    SKU: BA-10750
    Bangle Set-BA-10750


    Set of 5 bangle bracelet stack with a combination of bone,gold tone metal and threaded metal bangles - BA 10150

  • Bangle Set-BA-11157

    SKU: BA-11157
    Bangle Set-BA-11157


     Set of 7 Gold Tone Metal and Red Resin Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA-8855-Gold

    SKU: BA-8855/GldWht
    Bangle Set-BA-8855-Gold


    6 Bangle Stack Set with a Combination of Gold Tone - Textured, Studded, and Resin Bangles 

    Colors Available:

    • Gold / White
    • Gold / Black
  • Bangle Set-BA11167

    SKU: BA11167
    Bangle Set-BA11167


    Gold Tone Metal and Resin Bangle Set

  • Bangles-Bracelet-Resin-Metal-Glass Beads-Bone-Set-BA10210

    SKU: BA-10210Org
    Bangles-Bracelet-Resin-Metal-Glass Beads-Bone-Set-BA10210


    7 Bangle Stack Set with a Combination of Gold Tone - Beaded, Bone, and Resin Bangles in Orange Color

  • Beautiful Green Fabric Bangle

    SKU: BA6778Grn
    Beautiful Green Fabric Bangle

    Be the center of attention when wearing this large, green fabric bangle. It is sprinkled with glitter to sparkle, catching all the light and making you shine.

    This bangle is perfect to wear to cocktail parties or any dinner. It will go perfect with any shade of green dress. It can even be worn with jeans and a nice shirt, dressing up your outfit. It will definitely add a little style to anything that you wear.

    It would look great on woman of any size, but curvy women will be able to pull off this larger bangle perfectly.