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Wholesale fashion jewelry part 4: Bone & Horn Jewelry


In Continuity of last article about Cowrie & Hemp Jewelry in this article we will talk about Bone & Horn Jewelry.

Bone & Horn Jewelry also called as African jewelry. Bone and horn jewelry is an exclusive handicraft. Bone and horn are natural material, possessing a diversity of advantages in comparison with synthetic man made products ,Articles made of natural camel bone and bull horn are not quantity-produced goods of automated output, but are made manually by highly-skilled craftsmen, preserving the old traditions of the carving craft.

Further different technique used such as smoke art, burnt art and stain the bleached bone to create exotic finishes in the natural product.

You can find complete range of bone and horn fashion jewelry such as necklaces and earrings set and Bone Chokers that are not only beautiful, they are exclusive, unique and exotic.

This jewelry has one more quality that it is really very easy to handle. These are cheap and are handmade so there is natural beauty to it.

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