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Cowrie / Kodi Chokers

  • 3 Pc Cowrie Shell Set NK 5000-Red

    SKU: NK 5000-Red
    3 Pc Cowrie Shell Set NK 5000-Red



    3 pc Cowrie Shell Set on Red Leather Thread with a Touch of Gold Tone Rings - 

    Necklace,Earring and Bracelet Set 

  • Chunky Cowrie Shell Necklace-NK5859

    SKU: NK5859
    Chunky Cowrie Shell Necklace-NK5859


    Chunky Cowrie / Kodi Shell Necklace and Earring 

  • Corded Cowrie Shell Necklace - CK-229A

    SKU: CK-229A
    Corded Cowrie Shell Necklace - CK-229A


    Single Line Corded Kodi / Cowrie Choker / Necklace

  • Corded Kodi Shell Choker-CK-027

    SKU: CK-027Blu
    Corded Kodi Shell Choker-CK-027


    Corded Kodi Shell Choker Necklace with Glass Bead 

    Color Available:

    • Blue
    • Yellow


  • Cowrie Beaded Choker-CK-6089

    SKU: CK-6089
    Cowrie Beaded Choker-CK-6089


    2 Layer Chunky Kodi/Cowrie Shell and Glass Bead Choker Necklace

  • Cowrie Shell Choker-CK224F

    SKU: CK-224F
    Cowrie Shell Choker-CK224F


    Cowrie Shell Choker Necklace with Carved Pendant 

  • Cowrie Shell Choker-CK5086

    SKU: CK5086
    Cowrie Shell Choker-CK5086


    Cowrie Shell Choker Necklace with Bone Beads 

  • Cowrie/Bone Choker-CK-269

    SKU: CK-269
    Cowrie/Bone Choker-CK-269


    Cowrie / Bone Choker Necklace - CK 269

  • Hemp Cowrie Shell Choker/Necklace- CK-6093

    SKU: CK6093lbr
    Hemp Cowrie Shell  Choker/Necklace- CK-6093


    2 Layer Chunky Hemp Kodi / Cowrie Shell with Glass Beads Choker / Necklace

  • Hemp/GlassBeads Choker-CK-155B

    SKU: CK-155B
    Hemp/GlassBeads Choker-CK-155B


    Weaved hemp thread with glass beads

  • Kodi Choker Necklace-CK-6093

    SKU: CK-6093
    Kodi Choker Necklace-CK-6093


    2 Layer Chunky Hemp Kodi / Cowrie Shell with Glass Beads Choker / Necklace

    Colors Available:

    • Blue
    • Brown
  • Kodi Shell Choker Necklace

    SKU: CK016
    Kodi Shell Choker Necklace


    Single Line Kodi / Cowrie Shell Choker Necklace

  • Kodi/Bone Choker-CK-279A

    SKU: CK-279A
    Kodi/Bone Choker-CK-279A


    Threaded Cowries Shell and Bone Bead Choker Necklace 

  • Threaded Cowrie Choker-CK-028

    SKU: CK-028
    Threaded Cowrie Choker-CK-028


    Threaded Cowrie Choker Necklace with Black Glass Bead