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Earrings - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of designs are available in earrings?
A1. There are FOUR distinctive styles offered by us and they are:

Crystal styles: There are different colors of crystals like blue, green, pink, red, orange, and aqua that are used for making the earrings. The most common style available with us is called the chandelier design and the earrings are bell shaped and have dangles. The sizes can vary from 1" to 3".

Diamond cut metal Style: A diamond-cut basically refers to a type of precision cutting to enhance brilliancy. The shape somehow should resemble that of a cone. The different types of facets or cuts include 8 star facets, 8 kite facets, 16 upper girdle facets, and 8 pavillion main facets. The different types of facets will be different for different types of stones, and crystals. Our diamond cut metal style represents the shape. Most of the jewelry in this style have a shape similar to that of a diamond from the top i.e: they are octahedron.

Etched Metal Style: This style consists of mainly metal earrings with different types of designs etched on them. Etched metals earrings can also be customized if you provide your own design pattern. The designs are hand worked. Most of the etched metal earrings are available in white metal, brass, gold polish, sterling silver polish, and copper. The most common shapes include cyclindrical (.75"D x 1.75"L) and hoop (2.4").

Solid metal color: This style consists of metal earrings in solid color like black, red, gold, silver, white metal etc. The size will vary from 1" to 2".

Q2. Do you also offer assorted sets of earrings
A2. Yes, we offer single sets of earrings as well as assorted sets. Currently assorted sets of earrings are available only in crystals and in a combination of stones and glass beads. An assorted set of jewelry contains 12 pairs of earrings in 6 different colors. Most of the pairs will have a different design pattern and can be worn for any occassion.

Q3. What are the various sizes of earrings on offer?
A3. Most of our earrings vary in length from 3 1/2" inch to 3 1/2" inch long. The Patina earrings are larger in size than the crystal earrings vary from 2" to 4" with disc diameters of up to 2". Some of the metal earrings on offer are 2 3/8ths inches tall with a circumference of 1 1/2 inches.

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