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Exclusive Bangles

Exclusive Bangles

Exclusive Bangles

  • 6pc set Super bangles-BA007

    SKU: BA007
    6pc set Super bangles-BA007

    6pc set gold micro polished bangles with Mina and stone work.6pc set zigzag bangles with stone and Mina work for $24.00 works out one piece for $4.00..
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA1

    SKU: BA1
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA1

    Beautiful hinged bangle bracelet to fit all with designer artwork..
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA2

    SKU: BA2
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA2

    Beautiful hinged bangle bracelet to fit all with designer artwork..
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA26

    SKU: BA26
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA26

    Exclusive beaded hinge bracelet to fit all..
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA28

    SKU: BA28
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA28

    Hinged studded bangle bracelet to fit all...
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA29

    SKU: BA29
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA29

    Wavy studded bangle bracelet to fit all...
  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA45-Gld

    SKU: BA45-Gld
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA45-Gld


    Antique Gold Tone Bangle Yellow Color Stone...

  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA45-GldMti

    SKU: BA45-GldMti
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA45-GldMti


    Antique Gold Tone Bangle with Multi Color Stones...

  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA46

    SKU: BA46
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA46


    Antique Gold Tone Bangle White Color Stone...

  • Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA47

    SKU: BA47
    Exclusive Bangle Bracelet-BA47

    Antique Gold Tone Bangle Red/Green Color Stone...

  • Exclusive Bangle-BA11

    SKU: BA11
    Exclusive Bangle-BA11

    Wavy beaded bangles..
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA12

    SKU: BA12
    Exclusive Bangle-BA12

    Beaded Bangle...
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA15

    SKU: BA15
    Exclusive Bangle-BA15

    Beaded Bangle...
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA17

    SKU: BA17
    Exclusive Bangle-BA17

    Beaded bangles..
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA18

    SKU: BA18
    Exclusive Bangle-BA18

    This studded bangle gives off a dazzling light and gives you instant exotic appeal. ...
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA19

    SKU: BA19
    Exclusive Bangle-BA19

    Beaded bangles..
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA20

    SKU: BA20
    Exclusive Bangle-BA20

    Exclusive studded bangle...
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA22

    SKU: BA22
    Exclusive Bangle-BA22

    Beaded bangles..
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA24

    SKU: BA24
    Exclusive Bangle-BA24

    Beaded bangles..
  • Exclusive Bangle-BA25

    SKU: BA25
    Exclusive Bangle-BA25

    Exclusive lazercut beaded bangle...