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Fashion jewelry: Find Amazing prices at Treasure Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry: Find Amazing prices at Treasure Jewelry

Dear Customer, Treasure Jewelry wishes you A Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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Treasure Jewelry Inc. is fashion jewelry provider existing since 1984. The company is known for its quality products at reasonable prices. They also continuously update their store with latest fashionable jewelry. You will find much different fashion jewelry in their online fashion jewelry store All jewelry is available in display at this online store.

Here you will find amazing prices for your costume jewelry. What’s more you will find wholesale rate at just minimum purchase of 50$ as well as special offers too.

Compare a few best seller Category wise Jewelry prices here.

Bangles : You will find variety of bangles such as Bone Bangles, Diamond Cut Bangles, Lac Bangles, Metal Bangles and Wood Bangles.

Our prices start at as low as 4$. Only

Bone & Horn Jewelry : Bone Chokers and Horn Necklace are most popular items.

Prices start at only 2$.

Bracelets : In this category we have many types beautiful bracelets and cuff for girls and boys. Our starting price is only 4$.

Necklaces and Earrings : Necklace and earring Set, Beautiful, Glass beaded, Designer, Fashionable Collection for You. Visit this category for Cream of the crop Collection of Necklace and earring set. Our prices start at only 4$.

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