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Fashion jewelry wholesale part 3: Cowries shell and Hemp Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry wholesale part 3:  Cowries shell and Hemp Jewelry

In the last article we have talked about earring and necklace. In this article we will discuss Cowries and Hemp Jewelry.

Cowry shells (also spelled "cowrie"), are marine snails of the genus Cypraea (family Cypraeidae), found chiefly in tropical regions, especially around the Maldives or the East Indies. The shell itself is smooth and more or less egg-shaped, with a long, narrow, slit-like opening (aperture). In the ancient period cowrie shell was used as currency. Cowrie shells are highly valued worldwide as a symbol of fertility and prosperity adds eye-catching addition to any look.

There are so many type of cowrie jewelry such as cowrie choker, Cowrie bracelets and cowrie shell necklaces. Cowrie shell choker enhances your looks by giving your fashion a royal touch.

Hemp is fine Light-colored, Lustrous, and Strong Bast Fiber. It is obtained from the Hemp Plant named Cannabis Sativa .There is variety of jewelry made by hemp. Such as, Cowrie Hemp Necklace , emp Anklet and hemp bracelets, Hemp Bone beaded Necklace , Hemp Bone Choker, Hemp Bone Necklace .Necklace with hemp coated tubes and cowrie shell plus to add style. Also alternate bone beads make it more beautiful.

This jewelry has one more quality that it is really very easy to handle. These are cheap and are handmade so there is natural beauty to it.

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