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Finger Ring

Finger Ring

Finger Ring Jewelry - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of finger rings to you specialize in?
A1. Our ring catalog is exquisite as it consists of rings that are mostly hand crafted and accentuate tribal fashion. These rings can be worn with casual wear, party dress, evening dress, and even with the corporate dress code. Our rings are available in several colors and designs for different occasions, events, and attire.

Q2. What material have you used to make the rings?
A2. We offer rings made from mostly bones and resins. Resin offers the ability to mould rings in different colors and shapes and hence we are able to offer more variety. Bone rings are made from bones that have been discarded by the food industry. These bones are nicely hand crafted and different designs are engraved before the final finish and polish to give it a earthly look and feel.

Q3. Are the rings for specific finger size?
A3. Our rings have been created keeping in mind a wide range of people and hence we offer a free size as well as specific sizes. If you require rings for a specific size then you will need to mail us the sizes at:

Q4. Are rings available in sets?
A4. Yes! We offer rings in sets of 12 pieces. These sets consist of rings of different colors and different designs. You can even choose a set of rings with the same colors or designs.

  • Assorted Batik Print Buffalo Bone Rings

    Assorted Batik Print Buffalo Bone Rings

    Assortment of genuine buffalo bone rings with unique batik print and carving. Each order contains 12 varying design and will not reflect exactly as pictured.
  • Finger Ring-574

    SKU: FR-574
    Finger Ring-574

    Silver tone metal with brass wired agate stone adjustable finger ring-FR-574

  • Finger Ring-FR-503

    SKU: FR-503
    Finger Ring-FR-503

    Silver color metal brass wired with natural color agate stone finger ring-FR-503

  • Finger Ring-FR-536

    SKU: FR-536-Red/Green
    Finger Ring-FR-536

    Handmade Artistic Mosaic Inlay Finger Ring-FR-536

    Colors Available:

    • Red/Green
    • Green/Red


  • Finger Ring-FR-537

    SKU: FR-537-Green/Red
    Finger Ring-FR-537

    Handmade allover mosaic inlay work Finger Ring-FR-537

    Colors available:

    • Green/Red
    • Red/Green
  • Finger Ring-FR-611

    SKU: FR-611
    Finger Ring-FR-611

    Handmade artistic oval shape mosaic inlay work finger ring-FR-611

  • Finger Ring-FR-672

    SKU: FR-672-Red/
    Finger Ring-FR-672

    Handmade mosaic inlay work adjustable finger ring-FR672

    Colors availabel:

    • Red/
  • Finger Ring-FR-673

    SKU: FR-673-Oval
    Finger Ring-FR-673

    Handcrafted  brass inlay with agate stone finger ring-FR-673

    Shapes available:

    • Oval
    • Round
    • Square
  • Finger Ring-FR-675

    SKU: FR-675
    Finger Ring-FR-675

    Handmade silver plated oval shape with red,green,lapiz blue stone finger ring-FR675

  • Metal Finger Ring-FR619

    SKU: FR619
    Metal Finger Ring-FR619


    Metal Finger Ring-FR619

  • Metal Finger Ring-FR620

    SKU: FR620
    Metal Finger Ring-FR620


    Metal Finger Ring-FR620

  • Mosaic Finger Ring FR-512

    SKU: FR-512/Red
    Mosaic Finger Ring FR-512

    Handmade Mosaic Finger Ring in Gold Tone-Different Colors and Size Available.

    Colors available:

    • Red
    • Green
    • Teal
  • Silver Antique Plated Brass Metal Rings-Assorted Styles FR594

    SKU: FR-594S
    Silver Antique Plated Brass Metal Rings-Assorted Styles FR594

    Silver Antique Plated Brass Metal Rings-4 Assorted Styles in a pack 0f 12 FR594
  • Three Tone Brass Copper Metal Rings Assorted Styles FR594

    SKU: FR-594T
    Three Tone Brass Copper Metal Rings Assorted Styles FR594

    Three Tone Brass Copper Metal Rings 4 Assorted Styles in a pack of 12.