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Laminated bangle-Br741

Laminated bangle-Br741

Laminated bangle-Br741
$4.00 In stock
Knife edge resin bangle..


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Knife edge resin bangle..
  • 2" metal bangles

    2" metal bangles

    2" Metal bangle for Wholesale price of $5.00 for 12 or more.This bangle is hallow and light weight ..
    SKU: BA8426a-2"slv
  • 3Tone necklace and earrings set-NK4379a

    3Tone necklace and earrings set-NK4379a

    A High-Profile Exotic Look.Turn heads whenever you wear this three-tone brass, copper and silver necklace and earring set. 13" long necklace and earrings.Shimmer and shine in gold, copper and brass with this three-toned necklace.
    SKU: NK4379a
  • Assorted Pashmina

    Assorted Pashmina

    12pc of Assorted colors of viscosse pashmina for $3.25 a piece is a absolute bargain.Colors might vary and size is 28" x 72".Just go for this blowout sale..
    SKU: Assorted Pashmina
  • Beaded Necklace

    Beaded Necklace

    Glassbeaded multystrand necklace and earring set in Pink with Wire meshed metal Victorian style Penadant with matching glassbead centerpeice and matching earring......

    SKU: NK4519pk
  • Chess Design Wood and Bone Inlay Bangle Bracelet Set

    Chess Design Wood and Bone Inlay Bangle Bracelet Set


    Set of 2 Brown and white checker bone inlay on  wood bangles - BA-9487

    SKU: BA-9487
  • Magnetic Bracelet Cuff CF580I

    Magnetic Bracelet Cuff CF580I


    Solid Copper Magnetic Bracelet Cuff CF580I

    SKU: CF580I