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Metal Bangles

Metal Bangles

Metal Bangles - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of Metal is used in your bangles ?
A1. Bangles at TreasureJewelry are made from different types of metals and more prominently from copper and brass.

Q2. What are the type of finish available?
A2. There are different types of finish used on the metal bangles at TJ. The most common finish include gold tone, silver tone, and hematite. They are also available in an assortment of colors and sizes ranging from 1" to 2". You can also choose from simple metal bangle in goldtone to hinge bangles in silver tone, acrylic sets, and beaded sets.

Q3. What if the color comes off?
A3. Our bangles are guaranteed where color or finish is concerned. In case, the finish or the colors come off within 30 days of your buying the product then please send us a mail. You need to send us the purchase date proof so that we can initiate a replacement.

  • 2" Brass bangle-BA9969brrd

    SKU: BA9969brRd
    2" Brass bangle-BA9969brrd

    2" brass bangle decorated in red beads in gold tone...
  • 2" Hinged bracelet gold

    SKU: BA1127gd
    2" Hinged bracelet gold

    Discover the rich nobility of Artistic jewelry with this spring hinged bracelet in gold tone.Brilliant and daring, this bracelet with its engravings is sure to impress.One box contains 6 pcs in assorted designs...
  • 2" metal bangles

    SKU: BA8426a-2"slv
    2" metal bangles

    2" Metal bangle for Wholesale price of $5.00 for 12 or more.This bangle is hallow and light weight ..
  • 2" Metal Bangles

    SKU: BA8427-2
    2" Metal Bangles

    2" Metal bangle for Wholesale price of $5.00 for 12 or more.This bangle is hallow and light weight ..
  • 3pc set Chips Bangles BA11192

    SKU: BA11192set
    3pc set Chips Bangles BA11192

    3pc Set Metal bangle with Bone chips.One order will have 3 bangles in 3 different color Combination.Price for full set is $12.00 so effectively 1 bangle will be for only $4.00..A true bargain..
  • 6pc set bangles-BA9996wt

    SKU: BA9996wt
    6pc set bangles-BA9996wt

    6pc set bangles in metal and shell..
  • Animal print metal bangle-BA9211a

    SKU: BA9211a
    Animal print metal bangle-BA9211a

    Animal Print metal angle...
  • Assorted Magnetic bracelets

    SKU: Magnetic Bracelets
    Assorted Magnetic bracelets

    12pc of assorted design Magnetic bracelets in blister pack.One order will have 12pc of assorted designs and designs may vary from picture but concept and packing will be same.You have to buy 12pc and effective rate of 1pc is just $2.00...
  • Bangle Set - BA 9996

    SKU: BA 9996/Blu
    Bangle Set - BA 9996


    6 Metal and Shell Bangle Stack Set

    Colors Available

    • Blue
    • Brown
  • Bangle Set-BA 10656-Silver

    SKU: BA-10656-Slv/Blu
    Bangle Set-BA 10656-Silver



    12 Silver Tone, Threaded and Beaded Bangle Stack Set - BA 10656 Silver

    Colors Available:

    • Silver / Blue
    • Silver / Black
  • Bangle Set-BA 10674

    SKU: BA10674
    Bangle Set-BA 10674


    5 Gold Tone and Black Bangle Set with a Combination of Metal,Resin and Fabric Wrapped Bangles - BA 10674

  • Bangle Set-BA 10757 Gold

    SKU: BA10757-Gld/Crl
    Bangle Set-BA 10757 Gold


    Set of 5 Gold Tone Metal Bangle Set - BA 10757 Gold

    Colors Available:

    • Coral
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • Bangle Set-BA 10758

    SKU: BA10758-Blk/Blu
    Bangle Set-BA 10758


    Set of 5 Gold Tone Bangles with a Combination of Metal and Straw Glass Bead Bangles - BA 10758

    Colors Available:

    • Black / Blue
    • Green / Red
  • Bangle Set-BA 7474-Gold

    SKU: BA-7474-Gld/Pnk
    Bangle Set-BA 7474-Gold


    5 Bangle Stack Set - BA 7474 Gold

    Colors Available:

    • Pink
    • White
  • Bangle Set-BA 9011

    SKU: BA9011
    Bangle Set-BA 9011


    Set of Five Bangle Set with a combination of Gold Tone Metal and Studded Wooden Bangles 

  • Bangle Set-BA-10001A

    SKU: BA 10001A/Pnk
    Bangle Set-BA-10001A


    5 pc metal bangle set with a combination of bone and a gold tone hammered bangles

    Colors available:

    • Pink
    • Black
  • Bangle Set-BA-11162

    SKU: BA-11162
    Bangle Set-BA-11162


    7 Bangle Set with Combination of Gold Tone Metal and Resin Bangles

  • Bangle Set-BA-8855-Gold

    SKU: BA-8855/GldWht
    Bangle Set-BA-8855-Gold


    6 Bangle Stack Set with a Combination of Gold Tone - Textured, Studded, and Resin Bangles 

    Colors Available:

    • Gold / White
    • Gold / Black
  • Bangle Set-BA11077

    SKU: BA11077
    Bangle Set-BA11077


    Set of 6 Metal Bangle with a combination of Shell and Wood Bangles 

  • Bangle Set-BA11078

    SKU: BA11078
    Bangle Set-BA11078


    Bangle Set Stack with a Mixture of Gold Tone Metal,Wood and Resin