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Soap Stone Handicrafts

Soap Stone Handicrafts

Soapstone (also called steatite) is a soft, easily-carved, fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be green, brown, or gray. This stone has a greasy, soapy feel to it, hence its name. Soapstone is found worldwide. It is carved into figurines, beads, seals, bowls, pipes, cookware, and other items - it has been used since ancient times. Chemically, soapstone is composed mostly of talc, hydrated magnesium silicate.

Because of its softness and light flowering veins, it is carved and designer can provide it different attractive looks. Handworks make it such a beautiful item which can be used as part of decoration in home.

The beautiful handwork jali work that adorns these soapstone boxes makes them one of a kind handmade jewelry box. Each handmade jewelry box is lovingly carved out of soapstone and is further complemented by beautiful stone inlay work. The soapstone handmade jewelry box comes in different sizes and shapes and is perfect to store your jewelry. You can find many different shapes such as Elephant Ring soapstone, Budhaa Box with Bottom Inlay box soapstone bowels and much more.
The handcrafted work done on each soapstone item is attention-grabbing and depicts the true workmanship of the artist.

The soapstone gift items range from handmade jewelry box to soapstone keepsake boxes of all sizes to soapstone elephants, soapstone peacocks, and soapstone turtles all carved out of a single piece of soapstone.

The soapstone item is ideal for decoration, a memento to your collection of a culture so far away and of course the handmade jewelry box makes a unique gift.


If you are interested in decorating your home antique look, you can
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Here you will find verity antique design soapstone items.