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Treasures Lookin better

Treasure Jewelry Inc. Lookin better than ever!


Treasure Jewelry Inc. is pleased to inform its Artificial/fashion jewelry customer that surfing for new jewelry will be convenient than ever. Treasure Jewelry Inc. launched its newly redesigned website on June 1st 2007.


Treasure Jewelry is one of the prominent online fashion jewelry shop, engaged in ladies fashion jewelry since 1985. The new website has a good overall design. Its best functionality comes when you search for a specific product. With its redesign, the website has completely new categories and products.


People will find more and more variety with quality fashionable jewelry such as Bone bangle, Metal Bangles, Wood Bangles, Belts, Bone & Horn Jewelry, Bracelets, Cowrie & Hemp Jewelry, Hand Bags, Necklaces, Earrings, Pashmina shawls, Bandanas, Pill Boxes and Soapstone.


Please visit Treasure Jewelry at for great, eye-catching, classy online shopping experience.