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Do You Know fashion jewelry—Interesting facts

A lot of times we have talked about design and style of jewelry, recently I have gone through some interesting facts about jewelry and realized that why we are so crazy for it, definitely after reading you will more emotionally attached with fashion jewelry.

Do you know Men were the first to wear jewelry as a status symbol? and as good luck amulets to aid them in battle.

Aaron, first high priest of the Hebrews, wore 12 gemstones in his silver breastplate. This is when birthstones originated.

The legendary Croesus was the first King to mint gold coins. He was the greatest collector of gold in history.

Agnes Sorel, the mistress of King Charles VII of France was the first woman to wear diamonds.

Initially, only one ring was used for an engagement and a wedding. Then in 1477, Maximilian of Austria gave an engagement ring to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy starting a tradition.

The value of a diamond depends upon carat weight, color,clarity and cut. Cutting and polishing, a very limited natural supply and mining operations makes a diamond so costly.

Although the hardest substance known, diamonds can they be chipped. They have a grain line and may be broken by a sharp blow along this line.

The largest diamond ever found was the The Cullinan. It weighed 3,106 carats, or about one and a third pounds!

The most important quality of a ruby, sapphire or emerald is its clarity of color. A natural or cultured pearl rubbed against the edge of one's teeth produces vibrations one can actually hear.

Jewels avoid metal-to-metal contact of watch parts that do the most work. 58.3% of pure gold is an item marked 14k. About 75% of American brides receive a diamond engagement ring.

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