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African Jewelry

The jewelry Comes from Africa is considered some of the finest handmade Cowrie and hemp jewelry in the world. Characterized by wonderful detail and intricate patterns carved into precious metals, African jewelry reflects the cultural birthright of the African’s people, and a deep amazement for nature. This plain yet stylish jewelry is often accented with a variety of authentic amber beads, truly an amazing blend of exoticism, elegance, and quality.

Using skill developed over centuries; rings, Cowrie and hemp necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories are meticulously handcrafted in Africa which has evolved into the center of the world as Fashion jewelry making industry.

Assorted Hinged Resin bangle - It is made from bone. it comes in different shades, colors and flower designs. This bangle is of free size to fits on all medium sized wrists.

Young generation not only girls but boy’s too loved African jewelry very much. Even a couple of strategically placed African cowries in a necklace or bracelet add immeasurable interest and excitement.

In a recent online shopping excursion, specifically designed to seek out the finest examples of this Africanize art form, I came across a couple of extraordinary websites featuring beautiful African jewelry. For anyone who loves African jewelry I recommend a visit to the following:

Treasure Jewelry at has a wonderful selection of products imported from Africa, Here are a few of favorite African jewelry pieces: .

Assorted Cowrie Shell items This is mind blowing set of assorted cowrie shell and hemp necklace available with amazing verity of design.

Assorted Cuffs

This Assorted cuffs with unique style by itself comes into pack of 12 pieces. Each one is best design item. You will get assortment of silver, 3tone, brass and stone cuffs and designs may vary a little.....

• Cowrie necklace with flower design and red glass beads

This adorable necklace has been hand crafted from many small cowrie shells into a star shape that has been intricately woven together & set on a Fine 2mm glass seed beaded necklace.

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