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Wooden Bangles and hand painted bangles

Wooden bangles and Metal bangles

A number of metal bangles are made from copper. These are extremely light weight and come in beautiful shapes. Metal bangles are mostly brass bangles.

Making a diamond cut bangle out of a metal bangle is a very precision job and it is then plated all over to give beautiful finish. Diamond cut bangles contain the characteristics of a diamond such as its depth and width and the uniformity of its facets - all characteristics that control brilliance, durability and other features we look for in a diamond. Diamond cut jewelry comprises diamond characteristics like Diamond Width and Depth, diamond symmetry and polishing. Flower and other carvings are also done on these bangles.

Regarding how wood bangles are made. It's quite interesting, a tree is cut, they first take out all water by drying out process and this makes Natural Sesam wood seasoned and hence gets its natural beauty and hardness. Shapes given to these bangles are all handmade artistic process. Wooden bangles are hand painted which is very artistic process. This makes it more fashionable and easy to use. A wooden bangle comes into variety of design and shapes.