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fashion jewelry trends 2009

Big, bold, layered, and natural, fashion trends in jewelry

Motivated by environment, Spring and Summer 2009 jewelry collections embrace not only authentic wood and other organic materials but also include hand-made work that perfectly imitate nature. Environment-inspired jewelry celebrates nature's natural tones and strong organic feel with necklaces, bracelets, wrist cuffs, and fashion earrings trimmed with natural hand painted materials.

Cowries is used extensively, and combined with precious metals of wood and bone. Black is especially important this year and several collections showcase lac bangles and bracelets that make a very dramatic statement.

wooden bangles, wide or thin, often teak colored or decorated with metal studs or painted with wild natural patterns like flowers and birds or fashioned from bone in natural tones or dyed a darker brown. Any hand painted wood and lac bangles are so lovely with their floral motifs in vibrant shades of turquoise, ivory, coral, rose, and jade green. .

Look also for natural elements like bone or horn for pendants. Charms on either necklaces or bracelets are typically alive with flora and fauna like bees, butterflies, flowers, fruit, or birds—very forties yet fresh and reflective of the green movement of today.

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