African Jewelry Wholesale

Q1. What is African Tribal Jewelry?
A1. African Tribal Jewelry is different in many ways from the traditional gold and silver jewelry. The concept african tribal jewelry has evolved from tribals as well as ancient civilizations to an extent. Research shows that Tribals of different countries use natural elements like metal, sand, leaves, and much more to define and create their jewelry designs. We has also followed the concept to create jewelry with exquisite and original tribal designs to make your own fashion statement.

Q2. What is Tribal Jewelry made from?
A2. Tribal jewelry is created by using different natural products and additives like resin,bones,and metal.

Q3. Is it illegal to wear jewelry made from Bones?
A3. No. We are not killing animals to make jewelry and Most of the modern tribal jewelry are made from cow or sheep bones and are normnaly considered to be a byproduct of the International food industry. Most of the bones for jewelry are imported from Indonesia and the designs are hand crafted.

Q4. What are the different types of jewelry available in Tribal Jewelry?
A4. Variety is not a factor here. You can choose from bone and metal necklaces to resin bangles,bone stretch bracelets, hinge bracelets, horn necklace and earring, metal fashion belts and much more. Apart from the type of materials used; there is a huge variety available in design and color as well.

Q5. Is Tribal Jewelry Expensive?
A5. No! Tribal Jewelry is available for quite cheap and you can also avail of good discounts at on various products.

Q6. Is there any way to ensure that the jewelry will fit me?
A6. Jewelry displayed on has been created keeping in mind a broad category of customers. At TJ, we are selling jewelry, which fits majority of people. You can provide us with important details like the wrist size using a measuring tape, and our customer service can help you in making the right choice.