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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry shop with a store in New Jersey

  • 1 inch Assorted cuff

    SKU: 1 inch Assorted cuff
    Added: 08-13-2015
    1 inch Assorted cuff

    One order will have 12pc of 1 inch brass cuff for $ 3.00 per piece.You have to buy minimum 12pc to complete order.Designs on cuff may vary but concept will remain same..
  • 2 Inch Asst Cuff

    SKU: 2 Inch Asst Cuff
    Added: 08-25-2015
    2 Inch Asst Cuff

    One order of 2 inch brass cuff will have 12 pieces of assorted cuffs.6 pcs of silver tone and 6pc of gold tone for $3.50 per piece.Designs might vary but concept will remain same..
  • 2 Inch Goldtone assorted cuff

    SKU: 2 Inch Goldtone cuff
    Added: 08-13-2015
    2 Inch Goldtone assorted cuff

    One order will have 12 pieces of assorted designs 2 inck brass gold tone cuff.You have to buy minimum 12 piece for $3.50 per piece..
  • 2 Inch silver assorted cuff

    SKU: 2 Inch Silver Cuff
    Added: 08-13-2015
    2 Inch silver assorted cuff

    One order of 2 inch brass cuff in silver tone will have 12 pieces for $3.50 per piece.Designs will vary but concept will remain same..
  • Assorted Resin Earrings

    SKU: Assorted Resin Earrings
    Added: 08-25-2015
    Assorted Resin Earrings

    One order will have 12 Pair of assorted Resin Earrings for $3.50 per pair.Designs might vary but concept will remain same..
  • SmallCuff

    SKU: SmallCuff
    Added: 08-13-2015

    One order contains 12pc of small size brass cuff for $2.00 per piece.Designs may very but concept will remain same.You have to buy minimum 12 piece.

Customer Testimonials:

I received my order and am very pleased. I plan to order again soon. Thank you -- Charm Eagleman
The jewelry I received was exquisite! I was very pleased with the quality and the prompt shipping to me. I can't wait to share and wear this jewelry! thank you! -- Nancy Berger
Hello ladies gents all that is here on this page. This is my first time buying from this company and ooooooh my I am very happy with my jewelry that I have received I got it in three days and the bangles are beautiful exceeded what I expected also when I spoken with the gentlemen of the business although he os foreign he was pleasant and very informative he gave the tracking number although I didn't ask for it; He knew how to address my question and answered what I didn't ask.. service was excellent and the jewelry is beautiful I willbe ordering more thannk you sooooo much I got my package hahahahahaha thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you! -- marva jordan
I love TJs. my order came within a weeks time. Nothing was missing or broken. I ordered over $500 worth of items. The quality of everything is GREAT!!!!!! -- LaKeisha H.
There are several styles of bracelet cuffs that I love and will be reordering them. As far as service goes, Andy is wonderful. I love doing business with them. -- Lynn S.
I stumbled across the website and was amazed at the uniqueness of these pieces. These items shipped very quickly and as soon as they hit the store front they were flying off the shelves!! I will definitely be restocking! Great items, great prices!! Would love to see more hand bags!! -- Vickie
I just ordered from Treasure Jewelry and I am satisfied with the wholesale african jewelry I received. I will be ordering more jewelry. The service was prompt and I received my jewelry on time. I will recommend other people to your business. -- Joyce D. Smith
 I found Treasure Jewelry 2 years ago and have been enamored by their items ever since. They deliver trendy, bohemian wholesale fashion jewelry at an unbeatable price. Not to mention their unsurpassed customer service. The long cuffs are my best sellers.
-- Anne Kim
 I have been a wood bangle customer of Treasure Jewelry for over a year. I am so happy I found them. The quality and diversity of shapes and styles surpasses any wood bangles elsewhere. Pricing is fair. The customer service is stellar. Always responsive, flexible and accommodating. Merchandise is securely packaged to prevent damage. Shipping is quick. I would rate my experience and company a 10. I look forward to future purchases from Treasure Jewelry.
-- Marilyn Grad
 I had the pleasure of visiting Treasure Jewelry's booth at the 2009 spring ASD/AMD trade show in Las Vegas. I was immediately impressed at the quality and beauty of the products in their inventory and purchased some really great pieces right then and there at the show. I had no problem selling these beautiful pieces at five times the price I paid for them. My customers loved them and I will definitely be purchasing again from Treasure Jewelry. The gemstone cuff bracelets and chokers were fabulous sellers for us as well as the gemstone link bracelets. The beautiful resin bangles were also a top seller. I would recommend Treasure Jewelry's products to anyone who sells jewelry, whether it be at a brick and mortar costume jewelry store, an online website or street fairs and swap meets. I give them a big 10 for their lovely high quality products and great customer service. Thanks!
-- Donna Teague GemsandBeauty, LLP
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