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Pill Boxes

Pill Boxes

Pill Boxes - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a pill box?
A1. A pill box is like an accessory, which can be used for keeping pills of any kind. You can use it for keeping medicines, chocolates, mints, chewing gums and other small confectionary items. It quite a hot commodity and has become fashionable as you can carry it with ease and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Q2. What is a pill box made from?
A2. Pill boxes can be made from a variety of metals, glass, beads, and stones. We offer pill boxes made from metal with having different types of designs etched on it. The most common types of metals used by us are bronze and copper and the finish we offer is rustic, acidic, bronze, and 3-tone brass .

Q3. What are the different designs offered in a pill box?
A3. We are offering three main types of designs or styles in pill boxes and they are:
Agate Stone Design: Agate is a microcrystalline form of quartz and is normally found amongst the volcanic rocks. It has a waxy lustre and is normally found with a white streak. The four main types of agate used widely include the Mexican agate also known as cyclops agate, Brazilian agate, Turritella agate, and Greek agate. We have used colored agates as a part of the design or style for our pill boxes. Our metal etched pill boxes are studded with agates of different colors to give a more vibrant look.

Bead design: We use glass beads for our pill boxes. We have used different colored soft cloths or velvet cloth for the top, side, and bottom of pillboxes and the glass beads and mirror work has been carefully crafted onto these cloths to enhance the overall design. These pill boxes are hand crafted.

Brass Design: These pill boxes consist of etched designs or style. Different types of designs from animals shapes to trignometric shapes have been carefuly etched onto brass and then a 3-tone metallic finish has been provided. Due to the etched design and the metallic finish, the pill box has a surreal feel to it.

Q4. What's so special about these pill boxes?
A4. The pill boxes are elegant and fashionable to look at and yet are economical. They are sturdy and easy to carry anywhere. It will fit into a purse, backpack, or even in cargo pockets. The average size is 2 inches in diameter with a depth of 3/8 inches. They can be used not only for keeping pills but can also be used for several other items like pins, clips, small earrings, etc.

  • Beaded Box-BX-2680

    SKU: BX-2680
    Beaded Box-BX-2680


    Set of 4 Multi Color Beaded Box - BX  2680

  • Beaded Pill Box- PB2827

    SKU: PB2827
    Beaded Pill Box- PB2827

    Elegantly Beaded Pill boxes in different colors....

    This is a lovely, perfect item to own or pack contains 12pcs

  • Bone and Horn Top Pill Boxes-PB2796

    SKU: PB2796
    Bone and Horn Top Pill Boxes-PB2796


    This Bone and Horn top pill boxes are in 5pc set in assorted design.One order will have 5pc and @2.00 per box is a true bargain.Boxes are made of brass with bone and horn cover...

  • Pill Box-PB002

    SKU: PB002
    Pill Box-PB002


    Assorted 3 Tone Pill Boxes. One order will have 6 Pill Boxes in a pack at $2.00 each

  • Pill Box-PB003

    SKU: PB003
    Pill Box-PB003

    Assorted Color Pill Boxes.One order will have 5 Boxes for $2.00 per Box...Colors might vary..