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WoodResin Earring ER2883

WoodResin Earring ER2883

WoodResin Earring ER2883
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WoodResin Earring ER2885


Resin, Wood
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WoodResin Earring ER2885
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    3" cuff

    This cuff bracelet is sexy, yet understated. Red beads complete this must have piece of costume jewelry....

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  • Assorted Finger Rings

    Assorted Finger Rings

    You get 12pc of assorted bone and resin rings in different styles and shades. Actual styles may differ a little in designs.
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    Bangle Set-11155


    Set of 5 Bangles with a Combination of Textured Gold Tone and Resin Bangles-BA 11155

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    Bone bangles-BA6686

    One order of this bone bangle has 6pc in assorted colors.Colors might vary.You have to buy minimum 6pc and price for one piece is $4.00..
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  • Cuff bracelet CF-1637

    Cuff bracelet CF-1637

    Brass metal cuff bracelet CF-1637

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    Finger Ring-574

    Silver tone metal with agate stone adjustable finger ring-FR-574

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